Heat Pumps Work

I started looking into electrifying my house and learned about the effectiveness of electric heat pumps to heat and cool while fighting climate change. As I dug deeper, I realized there were a lot of calculations to determine if they were worthwhile that depended on local factors like the weather and price of energy. I built this site to help others determine if heat pumps will work for them. ➜

Solar Cells Work

I wanted to install solar panel to power my home, but it was hard to determine if it was a good investment. So, I built this calculator to simulate cash flows from utility bill savings and other factors. Using that info, the calculator determines the NPV, IRR, and payback period of a solar installation to help you determine if it is a good investment. In my specific situation, with all the federal and state government incentives, it’s helped me see it was a no brainer. ➜


An open source framework I created to perform automated feature engineering. Over 8 million downloads to date and 6,000+ stars on GitHub. Now developed and maintained by Alteryx.

GitHub ➜

Past Projects

I have a whole bunch of old projects I’ve since lost the documentation of except on the old version of this site.

Archive ➜